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Introduction to College
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     Tenar College was founded in March 2014, mainly in the (use of computer, networking technology and resources to develop new forms of electronic courseware training mode, also known as E-Learning or online learning means) in the form of online teaching services to enterprises .
     An exchange of objects:
     Tenar bathroom consumers, Tenar College is committed to providing consumers with the full knowledge of bathroom products, bathroom renovation knowledge, sanitary products buying guide, sanitary industry knowledge, knowledge of the home building industry, to better serve the majority of the Tenar bathroom users.
     Second, the training target:
     1, Tenar bath distributor and branch operations around the center of the management team, sales staff, store staff, Tenar sanitary operators at all levels of distributors, stores staff. Its training and education to improve their competitiveness and increase sales. The training is divided into two main parts, one product training: including product knowledge, target population, sales training, selling training, product operation; Second Sales Training: Includes sales process, sales skills, case analysis. In order to achieve the overall strength of the team Tenar dealers to enhance and promote team building dealers;
     2, Tenar bathroom around a distributor and branch operations center operators and senior management. Its training and education to improve their business skills, team management, branding capabilities, etc., in order to achieve the distributor level and branch operations centers around the development and expansion, and seeking business continuity and development;
     3, Tenar bathroom headquarters operators and staff at all levels. Tenar staff for training and education, to promote their professional development; fully integrate internal and external resources, through the implementation of college education and strive to build learning enterprise to realize the deferred management knowledge, promote human resources construction.
Online Services
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